Laurie Crow Phenix

Name: Laurie Crow Phenix, President

Human family: Steve and my step-daughters Katie and Mo

Animal family: We are on a travel hiatus after the passing of our dogs Buddy and Kona and our cat Mousetrap.  We have two GSD granddogs: Kamero and Gremlin. (and about 30 dogs at the shelter!)


The number of years you've been involved with animal rescue, animal care, etc.: I've worked​​ ​with numerous animal-related organizations in the past 34 years including:  Hope for Animals, Freedom Service Dogs, GWP Rescue and several rescues in Southern California.  My wirehair, Buddy, was a service dog at Littleton Adventist Hospital.   One of the founders of Friends of Charlies Place.

Why do I want to be on the board:  ​​Charlie's Place is a wonderful animal shelter.​  Their small, caring staff work hard to make sure that the animals are comfortable, stimulated, loved and eventually placed into permanent homes.  Charlie's Place has never had to refuse ANY animal medical assistance, due to the work that FOCP does.  I want to do what I can to keep Charlie's Place functioning as the amazing place that the land donor, Helen Buck,  dreamed of (in honor of her dog "Charlie").