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Friends of Charlie’s Place

Friends of Charlies Place is an organization run completely by volunteers. We always welcome new volunteers to assist our program.

Stop by the Shelter to start helping today!

Dog Walkers

What a great way to get in shape! Come walk our dogs along a beautiful path that follows the river or play with our dogs at Charlie’s Corner!

Cat Petters

Come visit our clean, warm and welcoming cat rooms. Fully equipped with a place to sit and toys to keep our cats entertained for hours!

Foster Homes

For both our cats and dogs. What a wonderful way to help an animal who might not be doing well at the shelter. All supplies are provided.


Organize and manage fundraising activities. Bake sales, retail items, enlist kids, your ideas...

Transport/Dog Handlers

Help transport animals to vet visits, adoption events or foster homes. Handle a dog at one of our adoption events.

Help Out At The Shelter

There’s always a ton of stuff to do at the shelter and we welcome all the help we can get.